At Springfield Christian Preparatory School we nurture our pupils in a creative and innovative manner from their formative early years to the end of Key Stage 1. Developing their social skills, providing them with experiences that will enrich their lives has always been our priority. 

At Springfield Christian Preparatory school, we believe that every child has the right to be healthy, treated equally, to feel secure, to enjoy learning and achieve what they set out to do. Each child is valued in order for them to meet their needs and develop physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually. We establish healthy relationships with all children and their parents or carers and we continue to uphold high standards in learning, respecting children and their families as well as being sensitive and responsive to each child’s needs, feelings and interests.

Springfield Christian Preparatory School has a very efficient and cooperative team. We are motivated to work towards common goals and we set up coffee mornings and open days to meet parents to involve them as much as possible in children’s learning. We share information about the children’s progress or need. Parents are encourages to come to the school to talk about their professions and also accompany their children for educational trips.  

The teaching team aims not only to satisfy basic educational needs but also to facilitate development of a whole child, on several levels – social, educational, spiritual, physical and emotional. The children are exposed to the British Values and they learn to understand and show respect to others irrespective of any differences. They are encouraged to express confidently about what they think is wrong and right. They also acquire the skills and knowledge about how to keep themselves safe and healthy. We start with the bubbling babies and end with Key Stage 1 whereby our objective is to make the children achieve above the Expected Level. This strong foundation enables the children to be of a good standard and excellent preparatory level for the beginning Key Stage 2. 


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  • Address : No 145 Perry Hill Catford London SE6 4LP
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  • Phone  : 020 8291 4433
  • Fax :  020 8314 4283 

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