Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2)

We follow the new National Curriculum and teach ten subjects (Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Physical Education, Personal Social Health Education, Spanish, Computing, Religious Education) Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning is also a time tabled activity, encouraging our pupils to work on a higher cognitive level by applying learned concepts across the Curriculum areas.

Our school gives due priority to English and Mathematics while continuing to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. It provides a variety of opportunities for children to apply and develop their English and Mathematical skills across the Curriculum, particularly through History and Science. Projects and visits relating to these subjects motivate the children and are helping them to make faster progress in the Core Curriculum.

Science is an important subject in the school. The school feels this subject motivates essential skills needed for learning across the curriculum. Analyses, observations, critical questioning, making comparisons and predictions are emphasised where appropriate in all schemes of work.

Teaching Spanish at the school, we feel that this addition to the curriculum will not only give children a basic knowledge of another language but also will have a positive impact on their overall linguistic competence.

The more able children at Key Stages 1 are offered alternative homework and extension activities. These include more challenging problem – solving tasks and independent learners.
Our school also uses support assistant who plans alongside the class teachers and adapt lessons and resources so that less able children can learn in ways that support them.


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