School vision and Values

Aims and Ethos


  • To train the child to have faith in God the Almighty
  • To encourage an appropriate academic challenge, which enables each pupil to realise his/her potential in an atmosphere of mutual respect and celebration of achievement.
  • To recognise each member of the school community as unique, with talents to develop and a contribution to make.
  • To promote excellence in all areas and to develop each pupil’s ability and character to the full.
  • To promote a purposeful and disciplined atmosphere


Within those aims, the school also tries to maintain a population of children from a variety of backgrounds. It will admit pupils, not solely on academic ability but with a range of qualities, abilities and talents, who can make a real contribution to the success and welfare of the school in many different ways.


In achieving these aims we intend to:


  • Offer a broad and balanced range of academic and extra curricular activities which develop skills in enquiry, problem – solving, reasoning and co-operation
  • Maintain a calm, caring and safe environment in which pupils are motivated through recognition of achievement value every pupil and foster self-esteem and self-knowledge in a context of high expectations.
  • Ensure that all pupils have equal access to all area of the school curriculum and all aspects of school life regardless of race, religion and disability.

Provide enjoyable and challenging learning opportunities that help every pupil to develop an independent, lively


Partners & Affiliates

Contact & Support

  • Address : No 145 Perry Hill Catford London SE6 4LP
  • Email :
  • Phone  : 020 8291 4433
  • Fax :  020 8314 4283 

Ofsted Report



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